Cannabis Wisdom: uplifting human beings/The CannaWisdom Process™ ~tapping into wellbeing

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The CannaWisdom Process™ ~tapping into wellbeing

    A self-paced course using cannabis therapeutically as a catalyst for wellbeing. 
    Banish anxiety and discover your spiritual nature.


    Do you find yourself caught in a tangled web of stress and mood disorders that interfere with being able to function optimally and get restorative sleep? As someone with over 45 years in the alternative health field, and as a Cannabis Educator and Practitioner certified by Holistic Cannabis Academy, I can help.

    Stress? Anxiety? Depression?

    The CannaWisdom Process™ guides an inner journey: a self-paced exploration that uses cannabis therapeutically to 'reset' the felt-sense of wellbeing. By discovering your inner resource of empowering insights, inspiration and encouragement, you can more easily transform mental and emotional issues to discover, or renew, an enlivened outlook on life.
    This course is for you if you:
    • Live in a legal medical or adult-use state (or internationally) with cannabis dispensaries.            See 2021 US map. 
    •   Are open and curious to experience an expanded perspective on your life.  
    • Prefer a do-It-yourself (DIY) non-pharma approach to wellbeing.
    • Are willing to engage in an introspective process of self-inquiry.
    • Appreciate and are interested in spiritual development.

    A Door to Wisdom

    "Cannabis opens a door to divine wisdom and the everlasting gift of our uniqueness. It can lift the veils of illusion of mental slavery from feeling programmed to be a wretched sinner unworthy of your own light. That is an illusion. Cannabis can help you go within your center, relieve your daily stress and find your light. We need to open our minds beyond the Bible or the constitution and listen to our hearts’ light. That in itself will create more compassion and less mental and physical illness." ~ Carlos Santana in an interview with Nina Zdinjak for the French Toast, Dec. 2020 

    Inspirational Energy

     The CannaWisdom Process™ is a self-paced course. It contains four modules. Three of them include lessons with links, references and assignments. The fourth module contains several multi-media references for your continuing education. Phone support is available via an unlimited number of 15-minute consultations within the first 60 days from purchase. See some of the course lessons below; click on the green preview button to the right of a lesson.
    MODULE 1. The Cannabis Antidote
    MODULE 2. Your Lens on Life
    MODULE 3. The CannaWisdom Process™
    MODULE 4.
    Empowering Resources

    Lifelong Benefits

    Participants who sequentially complete the course and assignments gain:
    • knowledge in how to navigate a cannabis dispensary to find the product best for them.
    • confidence about how to consistently get the best dose for the desired effect.
    • a safe, enjoyable practice that can be duplicated and refined over time to deepen the sense of wellbeing. 
    • ongoing insights into personal obstacles and possible solutions.
    • non-cannabis resources to enhance and strengthen wellbeing long-term.

    • $97

    The CannaWisdom Process™ ~tapping into wellbeing

      A self-paced course using cannabis therapeutically as a catalyst for wellbeing.  Banish anxiety and discover your spiritual nature.


      Is what you are doing legal?

      It is 100% legal in the states and DC that have legalized adult-use (recreational) cannabis and also in many states that have legalized medicinal use known as 'medical marijuana'. That said the qualification criteria for using medical marijuana varies from state to state. Check here for more information regarding your state as of December 2020.

      How does this work for first-time cannabis users?

      The course is geared to first-time users (but not exclusively) in that all recommendations STRONGLY reflect the adage: Start low; go slow.

      What kind of cannabis you recommend? Is it CBD?

      For the purposes of the CannaWisdom Process I recommend a cannabis product that has both CBD and THC. CBD is scientifically proven to lower psychoactivity of THC which is needed and useful for self-inquiry. Again, all instructions are for starting low, going slow so someone is very unlikely to be overwhelmed by a high dose and negative experience.

      I've been using cannabis for many years. Would this process work for me, also?

      Yes it can. As someone experienced, it will be even easier for you to find your best dose since you are familiar with how THC, in particular, affects you. 

      What qualifies you to offer this course? Are you a doctor?

      No. I am not a doctor, or a nurse. I completed a rigorous, science-based course with the Holistic Cannabis Academy, out of Colorado in 2018, tested out and was certified as a Cannabis Educator and Practitioner. I also have multiple decades of experience with cannabis, worked with many clients in my practice, and over the years, have personally been able to thrive via this CannaWisdom™ Process, I have developed for you.

      How will I know what product to us and what dose to take?

      Good question. In the course you will learn what questions to ask at a dispensary in order to know what product to purchase. You will also be taught the art of dosing plant medicine.

      More questions? Let's talk!

      If you have more questions please schedule a call with me. Here's the schedule link.


      The information and opinions shared in the CannaWisdom Process™ course are for informational purposes only and not intended as medical advice or instruction. Nothing mentioned or illustrated is intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

      Important: In some cases both CBD and THC are counter-indicated when taking antidepressants, benzodiazepines, statins and other pharmaceutical drugs.

      CannaWisdom Process™ Course Content

      The Cannabis Antitdote for Stress, Anxiety and Depression

      Discover a self-care path that helps unravel stress, anxiety and depression via the CannaWisdom Process™. Participants learn how to access a gentle bodily-felt experience that enhances introspection and insight. An inner environment of ease and clarity naturally encourages a new perspective on life. 
      Lesson 1 Why So Much Stress, Anxiety and Depression?
        Lesson 2 The Significance of Wellbeing
          Lesson 3 The Mental Health Stigma
            Lesson 4 Popular Solutions and Their Effectiveness
              Lesson 5 The Opportunity of Self-Care
                Lesson 6 Why Cannabis?

                      Your Lens on Life

                      Wellbeing, to be true, must exist as an experience, beyond concept. Learn about how to identify your particular obstacles of negative self-talk and core beliefs, and how to overcome them. Intending to do so makes personal transformation absolutely possible.

                      Lesson 1 Whole Person Wellness
                        Lesson 2 Looking Within: Thoughts and Feelings
                          Lesson 3 Negative Thoughts and Projection
                            Lesson 4 Original Shame and Blame
                              Lesson 5 What are Core Beliefs?
                                Lesson 6 Inside-Out Personal Reinvention

                                    The CannaWisdom Process™

                                    Learn about cannabis as a plant and as plant medicine. The CannaWisdom Process™ guides you to an expanded experience and larger context of who you are to more clearly see the cause(s) of your stress, anxiety and/or depression. With this "overview effect" also comes a welcomed, felt-sense of wellbeing.
                                    Lesson 1 Nature's Amazing Cannabis Plant
                                      Lesson 2 The Three Rails: Adult Use, Medicinal, Spiritual
                                        Lesson 3 The CannaWisdom Process™ Premise and Overview
                                          Lesson 4 Find Your Perfect Cannabis Product
                                            Lesson 5 Your CannaWisdom Process™ Set and Setting
                                              Lesson 6 The Art of Cannabis Dosing
                                                Lesson 7 Soul Connection
                                                  Lesson 8 Getting Started: Your First Session
                                                    Lesson 9 Future Sessions
                                                      Lesson 10 Your Cannabis Holidays
                                                        Lesson 11 Non-Cannabis Enhancements

                                                            Empowering Resources

                                                            Credible multi-media resources for expanding your cannabis knowledge and skills